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Time Of Legends




Valley of Eodon - a new area to explore with new tameables, artifacts, armor sets, and hidden treasures.

Dragon Turtle Champion Spawn - A new Champion Spawn.

Shadowguard - the fortress of the vile enchantress Minax.

Skill Mastery System - expanded to 16 skills with more than 35 new spells & abilities.

Stonecrafting- expanded to allow greater customization of player housing.

2 New House Tiles Sets - more ways to customize your House.

New craftables - including clothing, weapons, and armor in the styles of Tiger & Dragon Turtle.

Spirituality & Humility Virtues- the last two virtues to be implemented completing the Virtues System

Revamped Currency System - removal of checks to allow greater ease in storing and trading gold.




Stygian Abyss


New Playable Race: Gargoyles

Players may now create gargoyle characters as members of the Gargoyle Race.


Gargoyles are unable to ride mounts.

Gargoyles can fly, with some locations in Ter Mur and the Stygian Abyss Dungeon only being reachable via flight.

When flying, gargoyles move at mounted speed.

Gargoyles cannot wear Leather/Plate/Chain/Studded armor, only new Gargoyle Armors.

Gargoyles cannot equip most weapons (War Fork, Katana, Staff, etc.)

Gargoyles cannot learn Archery or use bows.

Gargoyles instead of the long-ranged skill Throwing.




Artifacts (Stygian Abyss)

Stygian Abyss Stealables


New Skills


Imbuing - A new crafting skill that allows players to manage the properties added on a crafted weapon or armor piece. This will also include the ability to harvest magical properties from existing items.

Mysticism - A Gargoyle form of spellcasting complete with it's own set of spells.

Throwing - A new ranged weapon skill utilizing throwing weapons and consumes no ammunition. Can only be learned by Gargoyles.


New Areas


Ter Mur - The Gargoyle homeland. Players will be able to place Houses in this area.

Stygian Abyss Dungeon - The largest and most intricate added to date. Based off the one seen in Ultima Underworld, the entrance is found on Fire Island on both facets. Creatures found inside include the Medusa, Primeval Lich and the Stygian Dragon. There will also be non-consensual PVP combat areas inside the abyss.

Underworld - The staircase to Stygian Abyss Dungeon is found here. A quest must be completed in this area of goblins and undead to pass into Stygian Abyss Dungeon.




Mondain Legacy


New Race: Elves, with Racial Abilities added for both races.

New Quest System - Hundreds of quests

New Community Collections - Turn in items for new rewards.

Crafting: Ingredients for Recipes to craft dozens of new items.

New Skill: Spellweaving

New City: Heartwood

New Special Moves: Bladeweave, Force Arrow, Lightning Arrow, Psychic Attack, Serpent Arrow, Force of Nature

New Dungeons: Bedlam, Blighted Grove, Labyrinth, Painted Caves, Palace of Paroxysmus, Prism of Light, and The Citadel

Peerless Bosses: Extremely tough monsters giving valuable loot.




Samurai Empire


Become a Samurai Master Dedicate yourself to the art of Bushido, with powerful new skills and deadly new weapons.

Join an Elite Ninja Clan Submit to the discipline of Ninjitsu, mastering stealth, deception, and the art of assassination.

Adventure on a New Continent, The Tokuno Islands Explore a new Japanese-themed land filled with scenic housing areas, mythical creatures, monsters, dungeons, and more.

Lay Claim to Exotic New Treasures New weapons, armor, clothing, house tiles, magic, and more will reward the adventurous.

Powerful New Guild Systems Create a guild, set up ranks, declare wars on other guilds, and set win conditions. Recruiting guildmates and increasing your power have never been easier.