Europa Legends - Ultima Online
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Risk Vs Reward System



Shame Dungeon Uses Risk Vs Reward System In This Dungeon You Can Obtain Runic Tools And Veteran Rewards.



Risk Vs Reward Doom Bosses



All Doom Bosses Can Drop % Chance Crafting Power Scrolls, Runic Tools, Veteran Rewards, Special Hair Dyes, Special Dye Tubs, Clothing Bless Deeds.


Lesser Monsters i.e Evil Mages And Daemons Can Drop Ethereal Mounts, Veteran Reward Robe And Cloak, Bags Of Sending, Pet Summoning Balls, Powders Of Translocation.





Faction System


Faction Bonus Against Champion Bosses.


Faction Statloss Decreased to 5 Minutes.


Faction Playes Can Now Resurrect Faction War Horse.

Addition Faction Systems



Faction Corruption Time 8 Hours.


Faction Town Captured 3 Days.


Faction Players Can Now Gain Faction Points For Successfully Capturing A Town.



Doom Gauntlet Artifacts



Doom Artifacts Can Drop On Champion Bosses % Chance Depending On Boss Difficulty i.e Barracoon 15% Chance.


Champion Boss Harrowerer 100% Chance 2 Doom Artifacts.



Faction Bonus Damage Vs Champion Bosses



Factions That Successfully Capture A Town Will Receive Damage Bonus Against All Champion Bosses.


Damage Bonus 10 SDI / 10 DMI Per Town Captured.