Europa Legends - Ultima Online
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Bulk Order Deed Time Reduced To 5 Minutes Regardless Of Crafting Level.


Completed Bulk Order Deed Will Now Reset Next Bulk Order Deed.


Capturing Faction Town Will Now Earn That Faction Bonus Damage Again Champions.


SDI 10 - DMI 10 Per Town

Captured By A Faction.



Paragon System Now Spawn Through Out The World Including Dungeons.


Earn Minor Artifacts By Defeating Paragon Monsters.



Risk Vs Reward Shame Dungeon.


Defeat Doom Bosses To Earn Veteran Rewards, Runic Crafting Tool, Crafting Power Scrolls.


And More....

Champions No Longer Use Valor System To Be Activated And Now Auto Restart After 10 Minutes.


Earn Doom Artifacts By Vanquiishing Champion Bosses.


Unique Character Creation.


Choosing Pre Selected Templates Will Grant You Advanced 5 x 75 Skills And Stats.

More Information Regarding Latest Updates Can Be Found On Discord Patch-Notes Channel.



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