Europa Legends - Ultima Online
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Patch 1.0




Accounting, Characters, Facet Changes:


Maximum Accounts 5 Per IP.

Character Skill Cap 720.

Felucca Only Facet.

Balanced Casting Speeds Age Of Shadows Accurate.

Casting Cap FC 2 / FRC 6. ( Paladin FC 4 / FCR 6 ).

Maximum Swing Rate Capped At One Swing Per 1.25 Seconds.

Character Status Bar Will Now Show All Caps.


Skill Related Changes:


Spirit Speak At 100 Will Now Allow You TO See Ghosts.

Animal Taming Chance To Anger Will Taming Has Been Removed.

Discordance Will Now Be 3 Second Use Down From 6 Seconds.


Paragon Changes:


Paragon System Enabled In Felucca.

Chance To Spawn Paragon Animals Has Been Removed.


Bulk Order Deed Changes:


Chance To Recieve Colour Ore Bulk Order Deeds Improved.

You Can Now Recieve Bulk Order Deed Every 5 Minutes Regardless Of Crafting Skill.

Bulk Order Deeds Completed Will Now Reset Next Bulk Order Deed.




Patch 1.1




Veteran Rewards Changes:


Veteran Reward System Disabled.

Risk Vs Reward Shame Dungeon Replaces Veteran Reward System.


Champion Spawn Changes:


Valor Virtue Disabled.

Champion Spawn Will Now Restart After 10 Minutes.

Champion Bosses Will Now Drop Ancient Chest  % Chance.

Random Doom Artifact Will Be Generated And Rewarded In Ancient Chest.

Ancient Chest Can Not Be Looted And Has To Be Unlocked.

Doom Arftifacts Will Be Cursed For Duration Of 3 Minutes.


Faction Changes:


Faction Sigil Corruption Time Reduced To 10 Hours Down From 24 Hours.

Faction Towns Captured Will Now Be Held For 7 Days.

Faction Captured Town Will Receive 10 SDI / 10 DMI Per Town Captured.

Faction Bonus Damage Will Only Apply To Champion Spawn Bosses.


Risk Vs Reward Dungeon:


Shame Risk Vs Reward Dungeon System Enabled.

Doom Bosses In Shame Can Now Drop Runic Tools, Crafting Power Scrolls, Veteran Rewards.

Shame Doom Bosses Can Drop Runic Tools And Power Scrolls 1 in 50 Chance.

Shame Doom Bosses Can Drop Veteran Rewards 1 in 75 Chance.


NPC Related Changes:


NPC Restock Time Will Now Be 5 Minutes.

Necromancer NPC Spawned At Mage Shops.

Player Vendors Will Not Charge Daily Fee.


Item Stack Changes:


Potions Will Now Stack.

Oil Clothes Will Now Stack.


Bonding Changes:


Pet Bonding Is Now 24 Hours Down From 7 Days.


Command Updates:


Command "All Release" Has Now Been Enabled.

Command "PetBondTime" Has Now Been Enabled.




Patch 1.3




Risk Vs Reward Dungeon Changes:


Covetous And Hyloth Dungeon Are Now Part Of Risk Vs Reward System.

Risk Vs Reward Shame Bosses Can Now Drop Black Sandals And Pet Bonding Deed.



Pentagram Event Changes:


Magic Sewing Kit Pentagram Reward Removed.

Black Sandals Now Replace Magic Sewing Kit As Reward.

All Runic Tools Rewarded By Pentagram Have Had The Amount Of Charges Increased.



Paragon Changes:



Candelabra Of Souls Added To Minor Artifacts.

Leggings Of Embers Added To Minor Artifacts.

Doom Artifacts Can Now Be Obtained From Level 6 Treasure Maps.



Summon Fixes:



Energy Vortex Movement Speed Has Been Dramatically Reduced.



Pet AI Fixes:



Pets Using MageAI No Longer Cast Invisibility.